Elastic, multi-site NFS storage for VMware

Today’s enterprises want quickly capitalize on business opportunities and need a greater level of agility in provisioning applications and infrastructure. Docker enables organizations to develop and deploy applications faster and easier to deliver innovation and value to their customers.

The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform, a software-defined storage solution designed with distributed systems DNA, is a perfect fit for modern applications running in containerized environments. Hedvig transforms commodity hardware into an elastic, resilient, modern storage solution that keeps pace with changing business requirements.


Docker Problems Hedvig Solves

  • Traditional storage lacks flexibility and integrations to deliver persistence and portability for container storage.

  • Lack of Docker-specific support slows development times and prevents production rollouts.

  • Disparate solutions between test/dev and production complicate the rollout of applications.

Hedvig Docker architecture


Hedvig's Unique Docker Value

  • Deliver persistent, portable storage for stateful applications running containers.

  • Improve developer productivity with native integration into Docker toolsets.

  • Reduce time-to-market and release times by acceleration migration from test/dev to production.


Why Choose Hedvig for Docker

  • Distributed systems architecture optimized for I/O and scaling requirements of containers.

  • Only true software-defined storage platform that is both Docker and VMware certified.

  • Multi-hypervisor and container integration ensures Docker adoption as and when needed.


Key Hedvig Docker Features and Functions

  • NFS enables portable Docker volumes without the need for separate volume portability for iSCSI

  • Certified Docker Volume plug-in and native integration with Docker Data Center

  • Built-in, multi-site replication allows containers to spun up across any site running Docker Engine

  • In-line, global deduplication reduces data footprint and ideal for container image storage

  • Hedvig Proxy can be containerized and provides linear scaling of caching and encryption

Docker Data Center volume plugins

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